About Us
The project Belitabiju was born in the hands of a creative soul, so tradicional in the women of the North. With such an unique energy and used to create solutions instead of only more questions since ever, Anabela Lacerda founded her brand in 2012. She had two purposes: create her own job and to give her creative spirit a voice. It all started by using different materials like cotton fabric and metals, but it all grew up by adding her long time love into her works: the Portuguese Tiles. And that's how Belitabiju's Tile Line was born in order that you could take something so characteristic as the portuguese tiles with you anywhere. All the tile pictures are personaly taken by Anabela Lacerda and her husband which give all those pictures a new life by applying them in many different ways like rings, necklaces, watches, pill cases or anything new that Anabela (or Belinha by those who personaly know her smile and kindness) may think of. Every single piece is handmade by her and besides the fact that everything can be personalized by the clients own taste, they all come with a warranty.
Because everything that we make with our hands comes before anything else from our heart.

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